Free Rice

Click the image above to improve your vocabulary and donate rice to the UN World Food program whilst you play!
Very addictive. My best so far is vocab level 44 (out of 50).

Whats in a number?

Telephone number 0161 337 3440 is allegedly from Tameside Insulation Ltd (Registered in England No. 4884766 Registered Office: Unit 17 Alpha Court, Windmill Lane Ind Estate, Denton, Manchester. M34 3RB, Telephone: 0161 337 3400).

They appear to have a TPS license – its just a shame they are not checking the TPS list correctly (more details on the legal requirement to do so here ), because they would discover my number is on it.

Who on earth was that?

Been getting a few calls lately from this number: 08000191773. Dont know why, as I have already registered with the After over a weeks worth of (unanswered) calls I decided to call the number (well its free) and got a nice message saying that I had been contacted by Excell Contact Centres on behalf of a client who would like to try and sell me something. How nice! But they did say if you ring 01294 225321 and leave your name and number they will not call you back. Oh I found their details via google and Ed’s blog: Seems like they’ve been bugging people for a while…